swim spas are pools and hot tubs

Build your body by unleashing YOU

Strengthen your Mind and Body with a few easy exercises each day

Swim endlessly in your very own fitness pool and enjoy the dual benefits of a Hot Tub with your very own Swim Spa

Cross Train

Keep your strength up in the off season and rock your competition. Variety of exercises including resistance, rowing and treadmills

With your very own fitness pool your exercise options are on your terms and aren’t public or shared

Man swimming in an swim spa
Resistance training in a swim spa

Rowing and Resistance Exercises

There is more to a Swim Spa than just swimming!

You can accomplish a full range of exercises including rowing, weights, using a treadmill and more with your fitness pool!

Cardio training

Get Heart healthy with regular low impact exercises in your new Swim Spa!

Regular use of a Swim Spa is guaranteed to increase circulation and heart health

Exercising in a swim spa